Mystery Writers Key West Fest: Murder and Mayhem in Paradise!

Interview with Author Robert Coburn

California based mystery suspense writer Robert Coburn will appear in Key West, Florida, this coming June 13-15 with nearly two dozen cohorts in crime-fiction at the inaugural Mystery Writers Key West Fest. His three novels “A Loose Knot,” “A Deadly Deception” and “The Pink Gun” are published by Absolutely Amazing eBooks. Coburn’s shady past includes a career as a high profile L.A. and NYC based ad man. His television and print ads have won major awards in advertising shows nationally and internationally. He is a licensed commercial pilot and plays the saxophone. Coburn agreed to share some insights into his work and characters with the readers of Paradise:


Q&A with Author Robert Coburn

Q: Two of your three books star Jack Hunter, a former ad man, as the lead character. How much of Jack Hunter is drawn from Robert Coburn?

A: Probably more than I realize. However, I think whatever is me comes from various points in my life as I might remember them, and as such, are purely fictional.

Q: The Jack Hunter mysteries take place mostly in Key West and “A Deadly Deception” is set in St. Julian Parish, Louisiana. Why did you choose these locales?

A: Key West has always been a special place for me. So when I use it as a locale, I have an excuse to visit. But mainly there is just so much background available. How could you go wrong?  I made up St. Julian Parish.

Q: Is it true that your wife is a homicide cop and a mystery author too? Do you discuss plot and character ideas? Do any of your plot lines originate from “pillow talk?” Has she offered any helpful suggestions on how to get away with murder – in your books?

A: My wife was a reserve officer who worked nearly full-time with LAPD, assigned for 3 years to assault with deadly weapon—homicide. She wrote four detective police-procedural novels, published by Penguin. The first two were also published hard cover by Headline-Hoddes in Great Britain. Laura is my idea bounce board, my first reader, editor and technical consultant on police matters.

Q:  Jack Hunter is star of “A Loose Knot” and “The Pink Gun.” Sherriff JT Wainscot is the lead character in “A Deadly Deception.” Which is most likely to turn up in your next book? Will the two ever meet?

A: Jack Hunter returns in the next book (which I am presently working on), but in a more somber, darker situation. JT Wainscot will show up later. And yeah, they could meet.

Q: Do you listen to music when you write? (If yes, what kind?)

A: No. I'd find it distracting. In fact, I don't even have a window to look out in my writing room, which is a former potting area at the back of my garage. I just stare at my computer screen and hope for a miracle. Before there were screens, it was a blank wall. Which was kind of like my mind much of the time.

Some of Coburn’s cohorts in crime-suspense slated to appear at June’s Mystery Writers Key West Fest are: special guest W.E.B. Griffin, bestselling writer of military and detective fiction; New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham; novelist and bestselling true crime author Carla Norton; Don Bruns, award winning author of the Caribbean Mystery Series; Sandra Balzo, award winning author of crime fiction in two mystery series; Jeremiah Healy, creator of the John Francis Cuddy private-investigator series and author (aka Terry Devane) of the Mairead O'Clare legal thrillers; popular crime and noir fiction novelist Mike Dennis; mystery/adventure/gay romance author Neil S. Plakcy; Wayne Gales, author of “Treasure Key” and “Key West Camouflage;” Nancy Cohen, award winning author of romance and mysteries; and journalist/true crime writer Terry Schmida.

The Mystery Writers Key West Fest is produced by Key West Writers Bloc and sponsored by the Key West Citizen, Mystery Writers of America, and the Florida Keys Council of the Arts.

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